We helped PrimeTime Donair & Poutine future-proof their business

PrimeTime Donair & Poutine is a 12-location restaurant located in Edmonton and Sherwood Park, Alberta. Struggled with integration problems, PrimeTime Donair & Poutine deployed Truffle POS’s end-to-end enterprise POS software and has since seen great results

PrimeTime felt that TrufflePOS has positioned itself to be one of the best POS solutions available in Canada today.  The team at TrufflePOS has years of previous experience as restaurateurs.  After seeing what works and what doesn’t work over many years, the team that designed TruffePOS has successfully created a unique platform which is smart, efficient and user friendly.

(CEO of PrimeTime Donair & Poutine)

The Challenge

For PrimeTime Donair & Poutine, they need an end-to-end solution to:

  • Avoid partnering with other 3rd party providers to administer things such as loyalty rewards, online ordering, and kitchen display integration
  • Have an all-in-one platform to manage their marketing and operations
  • Prevent difficulty making profit-boosting decisions because of unorganized data

The primary hurdle that Primetime Donair & Poutine has faced is finding a suitable POS software built with their customer’s needs in mind and has the ability to future-proof their restaurant. Integration with the latest technologies, which their previous POS provider lacks, is a crucial factor for Primetime Donair & Poutine when it comes to picking their long-term partner.

The Solution

Truffle POS came in as a premium solution that solved PrimeTime Donair & Poutine’s integrations challenges. PrimeTime Donair & Poutine is now able to achieve:

  • Efficient integrations across a broad spectrum of technologies
  • Successes adopting the system very quickly as it is very intuitive and easy to use
  • Having a perfect partner that goes beyond and above to help with their needs

If you operate a quick-service restaurant like Primetime Donair & Poutine, you might miss out on opportunities to expand your customer base and your revenue without adopting the Truffle POS system into your business.

What is wonderful about TrufflePOS, is that all of it is included and integrated within the platform.  It has truly been a game-changer for us

CEO, PrimeTime Donair & Poutine

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