We helped Northern Chicken generate an extra $20,000 within the first 30 days

Northern Chicken
Northern Chicken is a single-location BBQ restaurant located in Edmonton, Alberta. Having experienced several problems with their previous POS system (Shopkeep), Northern Chicken deployed Truffle POS’s end-to-end restaurant manager POS software and has since seen great results.  

New customers in database:


Savings of pick up orders (1st month):


Online revenue within the first month:


The Challenge

With their previous POS system provider, they faced multiple challenges:

  • Wasting hours dealing with constant crashing and POS issues instead of running the restaurant
  • Dealing with admin-related problems (ghost cheques, printers disconnecting) and poor inventory management
  • Having a poorly laid out eCommerce site with no ability for payment on online ordering

Another primary hurdle that Northern Chicken has faced is finding a suitable POS software built with their customer’s needs in mind. Superb local on-site coverage to understand customers’ needs, which many enterprise POS companies in the marketplace lack, is a crucial factor for Northern Chicken when it comes to picking their partner.

The Solution

Truffle POS came in as a premium solution that solved Northern Chicken’s challenges. Northern Chicken is now able to achieve:

  • An extra $20000 in online ordering revenue within the first 30 days
  • Savings of $4850 on pick up orders by bringing their online ordering in house
  • More than 200 new customers in the database
  • The peace of mind when it comes to operations and inventory management

If you operate a single-location restaurant like Northern Chicken, you might miss out on opportunities to expand your customer base and your revenue without adopting the Truffle POS system into your business.

“It’s been incredible working with truffle, we have moved a tremendous amount of business from 3rd party apps to the truffle online ordering platform, increasing our sales by 20% and profit margins by 15%. The icing on the cake is truffle’s amazing tech support ”

Matt Phillips, CEO,
Northern Chicken

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