Exceptional Room & Restaurant Service for Hotels & Resorts

Automated Digital Ordering & Smart Food Lockerts Designed for Hotel & Resort Dining

We have been working with hotels and resorts of all sizes for over 15 years. We understand the importance of giving your clients the best experience possible.

Truffle Systems software for hotels and resorts help you deliver the 5-star experience for an affordable price.

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Automate Your Hotel & Resort Services with contactless order pickup!

Frictionless Order Pickup

Secure Package Pickup

Guests get a QR code as soon as their package is delivered. Simply Scan & Pickup

After Hours Order Pickup

When room service is closed, allow guests to pickup food or amenities at any time

Real Time Order Pickup Notifications

3rd Party Delivery Drop Offs

Eliminate Lobby Crowding

3rd party Delivery Drivers , simply scan order and load.

Order Delivery Confirmation

Visual Order Delivery Confirmation

Eliminate Order Mix ups

Ensure the right room receives their order

Do More With Less

Re-allocate Labor

Staff no longer have to handle deliveries & orders

Room Service - After Hours

Guests simply pickup at the after hours pickup area.

Grab & GO

Add payment features to the Truffle GoBox and create a frictionless order pickup experience.

Find Out How Truffle Can Help Your Restaurant

Book a 30-minute demo where we'll learn more about your business and show you how we can help you save time, increase revenue, and create memorable customer experiences.

The Complete Order Pickup Solution for Hotels & Resorts

Truffle’s Smart Food Lockers combined with our state of the art order management platform, seamlessly integrates Hardware with Software for a Frictionless ordering experience.

Seamlessly Fulfill Online Orders

Send your online orders directly to the Truffle GoBox

Kitchen Order Management

Frictionless order pickup, simply scan and load in seconds!

Increase Order Throughput