Ghost Kitchen Truffle Order Pickup Platform

The only multi brand order pickup platform, built for Ghost Kitchens

Streamline your cloud kitchen with an integrated platform to manage all online orders in one place and streamline order pickup. Route Multi brand orders to one order pickup display and load the Truffle Food Lockers in seconds!

Businesses We’ve Helped

The efficient cloud kitchen you want is here

Manage Multi Brand & Multi Channel Order Pickup

Order Pickup without Staff

Do more with less, re-allocate staff and enable drivers and customers to self pickup orders.

Track Productivity

Order Pickup analytics

Eliminate the Dreaded pickup line

Keep drivers moving fast with frictionless order pickup.

Reporting and Analytics

View order history

View orders across all brands.

Gather Order Data​

Leverage valuable order data to improve pickup operations

Instant Reporting

The right order every time

Order Confirmation

Record of every order , who picked up and when.

Accurate Orders

Eliminate order inacuracies

Maintain Freshness

Customizable timer with alerts to ensure orders do not go stale.

Find Out How Truffle Can Help Your Restaurant

Learn more about your business and show you how we can help you save time, and build amazing customer experiences.

Lower overhead with intelligent cloud kitchen management systems

50% of orders are being ordered for pickup, combined with 75% of consumers who prefer to order delivery, customers require frictionless and fast order pickup solutions. Truffle is the only platform that provides Smart Food Lockers with a Multi Brand Ghost Kitchen Order management platform.

Seamlessly Fulfill Online Orders

Send your online orders directly to the Truffle GoBox

Kitchen Order Management

Frictionless order pickup, simply scan and load in seconds!

Increase Order Throughput