Contactless Smart Food Lockers

The Dining Experience Revolution

Give people the convenience they want with a powerful, seamless system that blends digital and physical dining. Contactless smart food lockers are changing the way food is delivered.

Discover the GoBox.

It's what they want

With the convenience of online ordering, customers want fast contactless pick-up that will be hassle-free, stress-free, and secure.

Give your clients what they want and get the best benefits of this ground-breaking F&B technology.

Tools for the FOH and the BOH

Grow your operations while cutting unnecessary costs with the GoBox. Get granular data to help you plan while optimizing BOH operations. Cut waiting times and congestion with a powerful, all-in-one tool that enhances the customer experience.

Easy to install, easy to use

Forget learning curves and installation times, with the GoBox, you simply put it in place, plug it in, and start using it.

Your customers will love the easy-to-use technology too. Scan, pick up, repeat. No forgettable codes, no complicated process, just get your food and go. 

Ground-breaking F&B technology: the GoBox

This state-of-the-art contactless food pickup system is designed to keep your customers coming back. Every aspect of the system has been thoughtfully designed, from the lockers to the high-tech kitchen display system.

Central Order Management

Eliminate 3rd Party Tablets

Receive all delivery orders in one central location.

Manage Menu's across all platforms

Central menu management, Set prices based on delivery aggregator.

Consolidated Order Statistics

Compare in-house vs delivery revenue

Reporting & Analytics

View order history

View orders across all platforms.​

Gather Order Data

Leverage valuable order data to market with delivery partners.

Instant Reporting

See your total net profit from all delivery partners in real time.

Inventory Management

Sync Inventory

Update inventory, and Auto 86 Items.

Manage Peak Order Times

Set products as unavailable at a touch of a button.

Top Performers

Get visibility into your top performing dishes, by delivery service and profitability.

Powered by Truffle

As part of the Truffle ecosystem, the GoBox is the ultimate solution to congested operations, clunky deliveries, and wrong orders.

Truffle Systems offers you uncoupled state-of-the-art solutions that aims to empower the restauranteur and operations manager to drive efficiency by optimizing the customer experience.


Learn more about what makes Truffle the system of the future.

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You need as much time as it takes you to plug it into the wall.
The GoBox comes ready to use and there is no downtime, no renovations, no additional installs.

Our ecosystem is uncoupled, meaning that you can get as much or as little as you need for your business. The GoBox is configurable to your needs, so give us a call for pricing.

The GoBox is part of Truffle’s ecosystem but every solution is uncoupled – meaning that you can get it separately.

The benefit of getting Truffle’s POS is the native integration with the rest of the system (and the savings) but if you already invested in a POS system, you can still get the GoBox.