Automated Order Pickup & Ordering for Quick Service Restaurants

Smart Order Pickup , Eliminate Wait Times & Increase Repeat Orders

At a quick-service restaurant, the speed of service is king. Customers hate waiting in line whether it’s drive-through or in person. We designed Truffle to eliminate the bottle neck at order pickup and increase repeat orders, enhancing your guest experience.

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The new way of Quick Service

Faster, Smarter, Quicker Service with Truffle Systems

The GoBox

Say hello to our little friend.

Scan, grab & go are the literal instructions for how to use this revolutionizing system. No more disorganized pickup process, no more frustrated drivers or customers. Improve the guest experience and free up your staff with the GoBox.

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Faster, Smarter, Quicker Service

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Kitchen Order Management

Frictionless order pickup, simply scan and load in seconds!

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