About us

Truffle was built to enable restaurants for the digital era of hospitality.

Is your current POS software holding you back? Does it stop you from taking advantage of new revenue-increasing opportunities?

Are you looking to free up your time? So you can focus on growing your average check size, while creating new revenue opportunities?

Now more than ever, restaurateurs like yourself are seeing the importance of automating their day-to-day operations. By investing in the right tools, you can focus on what matters — getting to know your customers and keeping them coming back.

We are an all-in-one Restaurant Management Platform that helps Restaurant Owners like yourself grow their online presence. We help you unlock new revenue streams, through our latest iPad POS Software for restaurants.

Consumers have turned to purchasing from brands that simplify their lives:

Our mission is to help restaurants go digital and provide a single all-in-one iPad POS Software for Restaurants. Providing you with all of the tools needed to grow your restaurant in this new era of hospitality.

We have worked with and grown restaurants like yours since 2010, and have developed industry-leading restaurant software designed to help our clients evolve with the market.

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