Truffle Systems Elevates Guest Experience Through Integration with CenterEdge

Edmonton, Alberta
November 7, 2023

Truffle Systems, the pioneering provider of omnichannel solutions for enterprise food and beverage operations, is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking integration with CenterEdge, a premier facility management software specializing in amusement and Family Entertainment Center (FEC) industries. This collaboration aims to revolutionize the way entertainment venues operate, offering a seamless, unified solution to enhance guest experiences and drive operational excellence.

About Truffle Systems:

Truffle Systems is at the forefront of transforming front-of-house operations with its omnichannel solutions for enterprise food and beverage. With a focus on automation, Truffle enables businesses to streamline ordering and pickup processes, reduce labor costs, and deliver unforgettable guest experiences. The integration with CenterEdge represents a strategic move to expand Truffle’s capabilities and provide a comprehensive solution for FEC’s.

About CenterEdge:

CenterEdge empowers owners and managers in the amusement and family entertainment  industries to orchestrate all operations from a centralized hub. Their highly configurable software is designed to be right-sized for current needs while being ready to scale for future growth. From  single station point of sale and events all the way to multi-unit franchise expansion, CenterEdge is committed to providing the tools necessary for a thriving frontline team and the best possible guest experience.

About the Integration:

Truffle Systems is excited to announce its latest integration with CenterEdge, offering a seamless blend of mobile food and beverage (F&B) solutions. With this integration, FEC businesses can leverage CenterEdge’s quick and full-service dining features  while adding the convenience of mobile ordering. These new features are seamlessly integrated into CenterEdge’s Advantage platform, ensuring a cohesive experience for sales, kitchen management, and inventory.

Key Features of the Integration:

  1. Mobile Ordering: Guests can now enjoy the convenience of mobile ordering, enhancing their overall experience and reducing wait times.
  1. Unified Sales and Inventory Management: CenterEdge users can effortlessly manage sales, kitchen operations, and inventory, all within a single, integrated platform.
  1. Enhanced Flexibility: The integration offers FEC businesses the flexibility to adapt to changing customer preferences and market trends.


“This is a huge step for Truffle Systems in the revolution of the Food & Beverage industry. Being at the forefront of such an unprecedented adoption of technology for the Food Service industry is a milestone we are happy to be sharing with CenterEdge. We firmly believe that our integration will facilitate, increase, and enhance the customer experience in facilities all over the world, while also holding the door for any future innovations in dining.”

-Omer Choudhary, Founder & CEO – Truffle Systems.


“We couldn’t be happier to collaborate with Truffle to bring Mobile Food and Beverage to CenterEdge clients. Our clients have asked for it, and I’m confident Truffle will be an outstanding partner that delivers the best in mobile ordering, contactless pickup, and more.” – Marcus Mayer, CEO, CenterEdge Software



The integrated solution is available for FEC businesses starting November 07, 2023. Truffle Systems and CenterEdge are committed to providing comprehensive support during the transition and ensuring a smooth adoption process.

For media inquiries or further information, please contact:

Omer Choudhary
Founder & CEO


About Truffle Systems
Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto
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About CenterEdge

CenterEdge is a leading US-based provider of point-of-sale solutions, secure payment processing, and business excellence mentoring that streamlines full-facility management across multi-attraction amusement parks and entertainment centers. Through proven feature-rich software solutions, entertainment and service expertise, and a true partnership approach, CenterEdge helps entrepreneurs run successful businesses, become pillars in their communities, and offer the best guest, team, and owner experience.