We helped Mikado Sushi & Robata achieved 980 new customers within their first month

Mikado Sushi & Robata
Mikado Sushi & Robata is Alberta’s first Japanese restaurant, serving Edmonton since 1972. Struggled to find an all-in-one online ordering platform with POS functionality built-in, Mikado deployed Truffle POS’s online ordering platform and has since seen great results:

New customers in database within the 1st month:


Savings of pick up orders:


Online pick up orders within the first month:


The Challenge

For Mikado Sushi & Robata, as a multi-location business, they needed an end-to-end online solution to:

  • Avoid wasting 20% of their revenue on third party pickup orders
  • Reduce missed orders that happen with traditional phone ordering
  • Remove unclarities when it comes to analyzing customer data and marketing
  • Stop the struggles with managing call-in or web orders for future dates

Another primary hurdle that Mikado Sushi & Robata has faced is finding a suitable POS software built with their customer’s needs in mind.

Superb customer support, which a lot of enterprise POS companies in the marketplace might be lacking, is another important factor for Mikado Sushi & Robata when it comes to picking their partner.

The Solution

After an extensive search on what is available on the market, Truffle POS came in as the only solution that solved Mikado Sushi & Robata’s online ordering challenges. Within the first 30 days of working with Truffle POS, Mikado Sushi & Robata is able to achieve:

  • Gaining 980 new customers in their database.
  • 75% in savings, from paying 20% fees of their pick up order revenue ($12,000), to only paying $3000.
  • Totalling over $50k in new pickup orders
  • Handling online pickup ordering, marketing and future order management in an easy to use platform that their customers love.

If you operate a multi-location enterprise in the restaurant industry like Mikado Sushi & Robata, you might miss out on opportunities to expand your customer base and your revenue without adopting the Truffle POS system into your business.

“I would highly recommend Truffle POS to other Restaurateurs, They truly take a partnership approach and deliver the best service which allows us to deliver a unique customer experience.”
David O., Mikado Restaurant

David O., CEO, Mikado Restaurant

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