We helped Cilantro and Chive find successes while navigating the pandemic

Cilantro & Chive is a family-owned restaurant located in historic Lacombe, Alberta with a second location on the south end of Red Deer. Struggled with operations and inventory problems during the pandemic, Cilantro and Chive deployed Truffle POS’s end-to-end restaurant management system and has since seen great results

Let’s be real, there will always be technology challenges with a cloud-based POS. The major difference is the care and compassion that Truffle has shown us. Their response time and understanding of our challenges show they actually care about our business and our guests. Our business has changed and adapted to the ever-changing COVID challenges and Truffle has been there to meet and help us make changes as necessary

(Rieley K., CEO of Cilantro & Chive)

The Challenge

For Cilantro & Chive, they need an end-to-end solution to:

  • Solve integration needs for their existing inventory and scheduling systems. (Optimum and 7shifts)
  • Navigate supply and inventory shortages during the pandemic
  • Prevent difficulty making profit-boosting decisions because of unorganized data.

Another primary hurdle that Cilantro & Chive has faced is finding a suitable POS software built with their customer’s needs in mind. Superb on-site coverage to understand customers’ needs, which many enterprise POS companies in the marketplace lack, is a crucial factor for Cilantro & Chive when it comes to picking their partner.


The Solution

Truffle POS came in as a premium solution that solved Cilantro & Chive’s operations challenges. Cilantro & Chive is now able to achieve:

  • The peace of mind when it comes to operations and inventory management during the pandemic
  • Successes adopting the system very quickly as it is very intuitive
  • Having a perfect partner that goes beyond and above to help with their needs

If you operate a full-service restaurant like Cilantro & Chive, you might miss out on opportunities to expand your customer base and your revenue without adopting the Truffle POS system into your business.

Truffle is growing with us and adapting to this point, and we feel that we could use Truffle far into the future with our brand and all locations if this type of amazing and engaging service and troubleshooting continues.

Rieley K., CEO, Cilantro & Chive.

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