How To Streamline the Workflow at Quick Service Restaurants

Did you know there are nearly 200,000 fast-food restaurants in the United States? Together, they generate almost $300 billion in total sales revenue each year. Quick service restaurants, fast-food restaurants, and fast-casual restaurants. We’ve all eaten at these places before.

McDonald’s, Subway, KFC, you name it. These facilities are designed to be efficient in serving millions of customers each year. And if you own a fast-food establishment, it’s essential that you keep it running efficiently.

Times are getting tough financially. Inflation is crippling the nation, and supplies are becoming more expensive by the day. That’s why it may be time for you to rethink your restaurant operations.

It’s the perfect time to streamline your procedures. If you think your QSR needs a tune-up, keep reading for new ways to streamline operations.

Streamline Your Menu

Streamlining menus is becoming a popular option in the fast food industry. Since the pandemic in 2020, restaurants have been cutting costs with reduced-sized menus. Even before this, restaurants started leaning towards simple menus.

You could be losing money if your restaurant doesn’t eliminate menu items with low sales. Simplifying your menu will help you cut costs during tough times. Additionally, you’ll save money on ingredients when you streamline your menu.

Food will spoil less often, and attention will be focused on your best-selling menu items. Plus, a streamlined menu will allow you to run your kitchen with fewer staff (if needed).

Install a Kitchen Display System

Anyone who’s worked in a kitchen knows the horrors that come with a ticket machine. Ticket paper runs out in the middle of a rush, and you’re behind for over an hour. Furthermore, tickets are sometimes lost and occasionally never make it back to the kitchen.

Let’s face it; the traditional ticket system is clunky and unmanageable. Installing a kitchen display system can help you eliminate a ticket machine altogether. Truffle’s display system cuts down confusion by streamlining the ordering process. And the best part is no paper!

Our easy-to-read expo screen makes expediting a breeze. The display allows you to communicate orders all throughout the restaurant. No more running tickets from the kitchen to the front of the restaurant.

A kitchen display system will help you reduce ticket times, quickly edit orders, and improve workflow.

Automate Temperature Checks

Many restaurants have to run manual checks on fridges, freezers, and walk-in coolers. This can amount to hours of extra time each week for your employees.

But this practice is necessary to ensure that all appliances are working properly. If there is a sharp fluctuation in the temperature of your coolers, your inventory could quickly spoil. Even worse, temperature spikes could give your customers food poisoning.

To avoid these problems, it’s best to employ IoT sensors for your kitchen. This technology will provide you with automated temperature monitoring.

That means employees won’t have to worry about checking freezers, fridges, and coolers. Automating this task will instantly increase the performance of your restaurants.

Install a Self Ordering System

When your restaurant is busy, long lines can hold everyone up. Then the chance of wrong orders coming back to the kitchen increases.

This wastes both food and employee time, which can easily be avoided with an automated system. Truffle’s self-service ordering system helps you eliminate lines. It also allows you to ditch paper restaurant menus.

With Truffle, you can give your customers a more efficient way to order meals. Our ordering system works right at the customer’s table. They don’t have to wait in lines and can order from their phones.

Your customers simply scan a QR code, browse your menu, and place their order. This can greatly increase the workflow of your restaurant.

Utilize IoT Predictive Maintenence

When your kitchen equipment fails, it becomes a huge problem for your team. This can happen any time, whether in the middle of a rush or when you’re short-staffed.

Even if your employees know how to fix the issue, chances are they won’t have any time. This leads to a massive disruption in the workflow of your fast-food restaurant.

IoT predictive maintenance will help you monitor any potential problems with your kitchen equipment. Problem-free performance and catching malfunctions before they happen are huge benefits to your kitchen. You’ll save money, resources, and time.

Install Smart Food Lockers

Nobody likes getting wrong orders. And we all know that one customer who needs to be hunted down by your employees. Sometimes it can take five to ten minutes to find these elusive customers and deliver their orders.

This leaves your kitchen temporarily short-staffed. These problems can slow down production and damage workflow.

Truffle’s smart food lockers can help you avoid all of these issues. Smart food lockers are easy to install, and your customers (and employees) will love them! Employ this innovative technology to eliminate troublesome deliveries and improve workflow.

Transform Your Quick Service Restaurants with Truffle

Quick service restaurants are the go-to eateries for millions of busy people. And if you own one of these fast-food restaurants, you must ensure it runs efficiently.

By using the suggestions we’ve provided, your restaurant will be streamlined to the max. You’ll be able to handle inflation, pandemics, and anything else that emerges.

Truffle’s POS system is here to help you streamline your restaurant operations. Our comprehensive tool will save you time, increase revenue, and cut down on throughput.

If you’re interested in learning more about Truffle, contact us. We’ll provide you with a free demo of our cutting-edge technology. Revolutionize your restaurant today!