Kitchen Display System for Automated Ordering

Organize your kitchen, improve communication, reduce mistakes, and send orders out faster with a beautiful and straightforward kitchen display system. Designed to work with any POS & Online Ordering Platform!

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Reduce Mistakes with Automated Kitchen Display Systems

Truffle KDS is tailored to how your kitchen operates

Streamline & Automate your kitchen workflow with the fully stand alone Truffle KDS


Route Orders from Multiple Channels

Expo & Multi Station Routing

Create your kitchen workflows

Order Sorting with no touch bump

Designed for speed, leveraging truffles proprietary QR technology, cooks can push orders through without ever having to touch the screen.

Connect Any POS or Online Ordering!

Easily connect with your existing POS & Online ordering and create an end to end order pickup experience.

Route orders directly to the Truffle GoBox!

Improve Communications


Communicate orders in real time to the kitchen, staff & customers.

View Orders and Modifiers

A detailed view of every order and modifiers

Digital Orders

Have your digital orders appear directly on the KDS

Order Routing

Order Ready Display

Automatically route completed orders to the Truffle Order Ready Display.

Cook Time Tracking

See how each station is performing

Expo Screen

Help your expediter direct the show, with an easy to read Expo Screen.

Automated Order Pickup

Orders are routed directly to the Truffle GoBox for a true end to end, frictionless order pickup experience.

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