7 Effective Tips for Running a Bakery Business

It is estimated that the average revenue for a bakery is around $450,000. This does not necessarily spread to smaller bakeries that have less exposure and resources.

Opening a business is difficult, no matter what kind of business it is. Running a bakery can be especially difficult since there are so many important details to keep track of.

A bakery business requires correct bakery management if you want it to truly succeed. The good news is that there are a few tips that can put you ahead of your competition.

Keep reading to find out more about starting a bakery business.

1. Train Your Staff

Part of running a bakery is hiring the people that are going to be working for you. You are going to need to hire a variety of employees, depending on the jobs you have available.

This might include top bakers, junior bakers, managers, dishwashers, and cashiers. No matter who you need to hire, you will need to make sure you have a training program.

You should have created a training program that teaches new staff everything they need to know. Every bakery company is different, so this should be catered specifically to what you want.

Training employees is important because you want your company to function smoothly. It is not ideal to have newcomers learn on the job since that slows down progress.

Training is especially important for your bakers since you want to familiarize them with your recipes. They should have to take a baking course with you so that you can trust them to do their job correctly.

2. Track Food Costs

Something that can really get in the way of running a bakery is the cost of the food. You are going to be buying a variety of baking ingredients that you have to keep in stock all the time.

It can be very easy to lose track of how much you are spending on these ingredients. Things like sugar and flour should be bought in bulk at the cheapest price possible.

Every month, you should sit down and analyze your spending versus earning amounts. One of the downfalls of many bakeries is accidentally spending more than they are earning.

You need to make sure you are making a profit off of everything that you are selling. If you aren’t able to make a profit, you may need to raise prices or find more affordable ingredients.

3. Track Wastage

Another area of bakery management that people forget about is waste. There is a good chance that a certain amount of your goods are being wasted every week.

Bakery orders fluctuate, and you may not sell everything you have baked. Some goods may have gotten old and they had to be thrown out, resulting in lost money.

Every week, you should sit down and analyze how much food had to be thrown out. It is common for a small percentage to go to waste, but it should not become extravagant.

If you are having to throw out a lot of food, you may need to cut back on how much you make. You may also want to look into other types of baked goods that can last longer.

4. Keep It Modern

One amazing tip for running a bakery is to use smart business solutions. This includes incorporating more modern features into your bakery.

Modern-day technology allows you to create all kinds of digital benefits for your company. You can hire a company like Truffle to manage your online inventory, online ordering, and customer loyalty.

More people are online and appreciate these features. Keeping details of your business online can also make it easier to track what is going on.

Having these kinds of modern features for your bakery is sure to set you apart from your competitors.

5. Have a Marketing Plan

A bakery company needs to have a firm marketing plan in place. You can’t expect to open a bakery and have customers flock to the doors without initiative.

You need to find ways to go out and find your customers so that you know your bakery is open. You can do this locally by putting out flyers, donating baked goods, and supporting benefits.

You should also branch out and market your bakery online. You should have a webpage, website, and several social media accounts set up.

The more advertising options you have, the more likely you are to attract your potential customers. This is especially important if you are in an area where you have a lot of competition.

6. Create an Atmosphere

Part of going to a bakery is usually enjoying the atmosphere and treating yourself. With this knowledge, you want to create a beautiful atmosphere that your customers can enjoy.

You should already have a brand in place for your bakery with logos, colors, and designs. Use this branding to create your storefront and the interior of your bakery.

It should be inviting and have a floor plan that allows customers to enjoy their baked goods. You can have all kinds of cute displays as well as engaging artwork on the walls.

Tips for Running Your Bakery Business

Are you planning on opening up a bakery business? If so, there are certain things that you need to know about running a bakery.

Like any business, there are certain steps you should take to guarantee your company’s success.

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