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Automated Restaurant Inventory Management Software

Efficient & easy stock management for restaurants

There’s nothing worse than a packed dining room just as you run out of your signature items. Avoid this stress by running Truffle’s Inventory & Stock Management System.

Maximize profits and reduce human errors with a robust inventory management platform that allows you to take control of your purchasing.

Want to learn how the most successful restaurants use inventory and stock management to increase margins?

Businesses We’ve Helped

Inventory management designed for growing restaurants

Take control of your food costs and wastage, and watch your profits soar!

Inventory Management

Auto 86 and Manual 86

Set Auto 86 rules and 86 items on the fly.

Never run out of stock

Low stock alerts ensure your kitchen is always ready.

Order Management

During peak hours set your maximum order levels and adjust order wait times in real time.


Track Wastage

Not tracking wastage, is like throwing bags of cash in the garbage.

Recipe Optimization

Determine wastage items to optimize recipe's

Reduce Food Costs

Restaurants that have a waste management program on average save 15%

Inventory Planning

Inventory Analyses

View inventory trends to make better buying decisions.

Purchase Orders

Generate Purchase Orders and keep track of your vendor orders.

Build the ultimate menu

The most profitable menu's require data and planning. With Truffle all the data you need to build a profitable menu is at your fingertips.

Find Out How Truffle Can Help Your Restaurant

Book a 30-minute demo where we'll learn more about your business and show you how we can help you save time, increase revenue, and create memorable customer experiences.