Restaurant Text Alerts

Improve Internal Communications with Automated Text Alerts

Update your staff and customers with automated notifications.

Businesses We’ve Helped

Send order alerts, Receive Daily KPI Alerts and Inventory Notifications.

Our restaurant text alert system simplifies and streamlines your in-restaurant communications. Receive alerts when your inventory dips or get updated on sales activity, then easily notify employees of scheduled shifts, procedural changes, or issues.

Staff Notifications

Employee Scheduling

Send employee schedules and updates directly via mobile.

Last-Minute Updates

Alert staff with up-to-the minute SMS news notifications.

Emergency Messages

Be prepared to alert staff in case of an emergency closing.

Enhanced Control

Low-Stock Notifications

Use stock alerts to avoid running out of important ingredients.

Track Activities

Stay informed about events with your staff and kitchen through real-time updates.

Waitlist Assistance

Send personalized SMS alerts to customers waiting for their table.

Reporting Alerts

Sales Alerts Sent Daily

Receive daily reports showing sales, discounts, and more.

Mobile Management

Manage every step of your restaurant right from your phone.

Sales Assistance

Know when discounts, comps, and refunds are applied

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