All-in-One POS for Franchise Owners

Streamline Your Franchise Operations with an All-In-One POS System

After working with and growing many of our clients to multi store locations over 15 years, we know the effort and time it takes to grow your brand, and how important it is to have a consistent brand experience for your guests. Truffle POS for Franchise Owners is the all-in-one tool your business needs.

We exist to automate your franchise operations, so that you can focus on adding more locations and delivering exceptional service to your customers & franchisees.

Enterprise Franchise System

Businesses We’ve Helped

Performance insights for your Franchise with Truffle POS

Automate your franchise operations so you can focus on adding more locations and delivering exceptional service to your customers and franchisees.

Multi Location Reporting

Enterprise Dashboards

View real-time stats for franchise operators on a local or national level.

Food Costing, Recipe and Central Warehousing

Ensure that food costs are controlled and that your recipes are being made to spec every time.

Royalty Reporting

Get automated royalty payment reports, set custom royalty and ad spend percentages by location.

Enterprise Management

Designed to Scale

Automate processes and streamline operations that enable franchises to scale fast.

Multi Location Management

Manage locations by City, Province and Country.

Menu Management

Build and deploy menu items, pricing and promotions at a local, regional or national level.

Franchisee Growth & Development

Quality & Operations Control

Automate your operational processes and make your brand more attractive to potential franchisees.

Know Your Customers

Help your franchisees get to know their customer base, and keep them coming back with built-in marketing tools.

Stand Out From The Rest

Franchisees are looking for brands that have proven processes and systems in place to help them succeed. Truffle is the only all-in-one platform that enables restaurant franchises to automate their entire operation.

Find Out How Truffle Can Help Your Restaurant

Book a 30-minute demo where we'll learn more about your business and show you how we can help you save time, increase revenue, and create memorable customer experiences.

The Complete POS Solution for Franchises

Visualize the future of your franchise business with Truffle’s restaurant and retail operating system. Group different
stores or events, and create custom reports that help you understand your sales and data.

Online Ordering

Branded Online Ordering and Mobile Ordering Apps. Designed to elevate your brand.​

Kitchen Order Display System

Reduce mistakes and get food to your guests faster. Improve order accuracy, communication and delight your guests

Cloud Kitchen System

Inventory Management

Real-time inventory tracking, 86 Items on the fly, and never run out of stock during your peak times

Truffle Cloud Kitchen System

Cloud Kitchens​

Centralize all online orders by brand, in one easy-to-use interface.

Online Table Reservations

Automate your table reservations, by allowing guests to pre-book a table online. Delight your guests by delivering an exceptional guest experience.​

Loyalty Referrals

Loyalty Programs

Don’t miss your opportunity to build a stronger bond with your regular customers. Give them incentives to keep coming back with an easy & flexible rewards program.