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Food Truck POS System

Food truck operators are a special breed of food service that require unique tools to operate and grow. Our Food Truck POS System helps you overcome all of the logistical challenges with managing a food truck successfully. Discover the benefits & features of the Truffle Food Truck POS System with a free demo

Businesses We’ve Helped

Reward Loyalty with a POS for Food Trucks that Grow


Loyalty Cards

Reward your best customers! Give them points and rewards with every purchase

Gift Cards

A gift card embossed with your brand serves as the perfect way to get yourself out there.

Customer Insights

Take your engagement to the next level with an integrated customer database for outreach and product education.

Location, Location Location…

Location-Based Insights

The beauty of owning a food truck is being able to bring food to your customers. Use the Truffle POS system to observe your peak-performing locations.

Customer Trends by Location

Know your top performing items by location.

Location-Based Marketing

Leverage the trove of data housed within Truffle POS to create custom marketing campaigns for individual locations.

Online Ordering

Skip the Line

With a quick order pick-up portal, customers can select items on their way to the truck, and pick up or pay in one click.


In the winter months, why not open a delivery service to keep revenue up?

Turn your food truck into a Cloud Kitchen

You already have a kitchen… leverage it to offer your food truck experience to larger customer base online. Watch your profits GROW!

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The Complete POS Solution for Food Trucks

Truffle POS is the perfect, fast lightweight solution to managing your Food truck

Seamlessly Fulfill Online Orders

Send your online orders directly to the Truffle GoBox

Kitchen Order Management

Frictionless order pickup, simply scan and load in seconds!

Increase Order Throughput