Touchbistro Review & Alternatives (2021 Guide)

TouchBistro Inc. was founded in 2010 specifically to “support the passion of restaurateurs through cutting-edge technology.

Touchbistro is a really popular, cloud-based POS choice for restaurants, powering thousands of restaurants worldwide. 

The company was developed for Apple products, and it runs on iOS — specifically, iPad tablets. You can get a special checkout stand for an iPad for workstations and checkout, and servers can input orders in tableside with iPads.

Pros of Touchbistro

  • High level of functionality within its simple user interface
  • Ease of reports and making menu changes

Cons of Touchbistro

  • No online ordering platform with built-in driver tracking
  • Only runs on iPads
  • Requires additional in-store hardware
  • No support for multiple restaurant locations
  • No built-in third party delivery integrations
  • Tech support might be hard to get a hold of

One thing that sets Touchbistro apart is the fact that most of its features are in-house, meaning they come as a direct part of the software and aren’t connections to other vendors. For example, they have an integrated reservations system, customer loyalty system, and inventory system.


However, Touchbistro doesn’t have a lot of options for managing food delivery, which is increasingly crucial for restaurants in light of COVID-19. You’ll also have to pay for a separate email marketing system, and you’re required to get both front- and back-of-house software together. Finally, Touchbistro doesn’t come equipped for multiple restaurant locations, which might be an issue if you plan to expand or start a franchise.

What’s the best Touchbistro alternative?

As an alternative to Touchbistro, TrufflePOS is an industry-leading POS system, built for restaurants. If you’re looking to either launch your online ordering system or an end-to-end enterprise POS solution, Truffle is your go-to option.

Why Choose TrufflePOS Over Touchbistro
Online Ordering Platform with Built-in Driver Tracking
Driver Application
Enterprise Deployment (multi-location ready)
Built-in Marketing Engine with Email Campaign Management
Back Office Hardware Not Required
Smart-Food Locker System
Built-in 3rd Party Delivery Integrations
Online Table Reservations
Run on any system IOS, Android, Windows

Top 4 Reasons To Go With Truffle POS

Enterprise-level functionality with flexible pricing

Gain access to a full range of options with enterprise-level functionality that fits all budget types. Scale your restaurant from one location to thousands with Truffle POS – faster at innovation than any other legacy systems in the marketplace.

More than just a POS

Instead of using other POS systems that provide 10% of what we offer, you can gain access to our Restaurant Management System – Everything you need to run and scale your restaurant. From Marketing to customer engagement and rewards.

Future proof your restaurant

Make sure your restaurant stays at the top of the industry trends, with features such as Cloud Kitchen Management, Contactless Food Locker Pickup System, Restaurant Automation, Marketing Analytics. Working with TrufflePOS also means working for other social causes – We integrate with systems that allow you to offer unsold food as donations to those in need.

Cross-platform compatibility

IOS, Windows, Android

A core difference between us and the competition is our ability to run on any hardware platform, Windows, IOS & Android, so as technology changes we are always ready to deploy (hardware agnostic)

Restaurants Who Choose TrufflePOS Over Other Solutions

Kelly S.
Wild Island Adventure Park
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"Truffle Systems helped us reduce labor hours in our kitchen area...we were able to eliminate two cashier positions now that guests place their own orders and pickup their orders on their own. We were able to take those hours and re-alllocate them to other departments such as our facilities department which improved park cleanliness"

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