Coffee Shop POS System

Get the flexibility and the speed of service you need to operate a cafe shop in the new era of digital hospitality.

  • Serves your customers fast
  • Reduce stress in day-to-day operations
  • Improve your online revenue with hassle-free online ordering
  • End-to-end fast service checkouts
  • Mobile IOS and Android App

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Get The Cafe POS For The New Era Of Hospitality

At a coffee shop, the speed of service is king. Ensure fast order-taking, whether it’s drive-through, online, or in person, with Truffle POS. We give you flexibility, control, and 24/7 support, so you can run your cafe and serve your community more efficiently than ever.

Enterprise Franchise System

QSR Reporting Tools

Advanced Tools

Receive real-time updates and analytics straight to your laptop.

Data On-Demand

Analyze detailed business reports and make smarter decisions.

Scheduling Tools

Access employee labor reports and a weekly schedule-creator.

Fast Service Features

Built for Growth

Enjoy easy setup, scalable online ordering apps and loyalty programs.


Every tool and feature for QSR’s comes standard and ready-to-go.

Mobile Tech

Grow your customer base by giving them the ability to order online.

Future Order Management

Fast Checkout

Speed of Service

Server customers fast

Drive Thru Management

Handle Drive Thru Orders with ease

Integrated Payment Processing

Offer the latest, most secure EMV-ready payment methods.

Find Out How Truffle POS Can Help Your Restaurant

Book a 30-minute demo session where we'll learn more about your business and show you how we can help you save time, and build amazing customer experiences.

Thousands of restaurants choose Truffle over others every year.

Scale your restaurant from one location to thousands with Truffle POS - faster at innovation than any other legacy systems in the marketplace.

Gain access to a full range of options with enterprise-level functionality that fits all budget types.

Make sure your restaurant stays at the top of the industry trends, with features such as Cloud Kitchen Management, Contactless Food Locker Pickup System, Restaurant Automation, Marketing Analytics.

Faster, Quicker Service For Coffee Shops

Our software is customized to cater to any type of concept and has every modern feature to keep your customers happy.

Online Ordering

Branded Online Ordering and Mobile Ordering Apps. Designed to elevate your brand.​

Kitchen Order Display System

Reduce mistakes and get food to your guests faster. Improve order accuracy, communication and delight your guests

Cloud Kitchen System

Inventory Management

Real-time inventory tracking, 86 Items on the fly, and never run out of stock during your peak times

Truffle Cloud Kitchen System

Cloud Kitchens​

Centralize all online orders by brand, in one easy-to-use interface.

Online Table Reservations

Automate your table reservations, by allowing guests to pre-book a table online. Delight your guests by delivering an exceptional guest experience.​

Loyalty Referrals

Loyalty Programs

Don’t miss your opportunity to build a stronger bond with your regular customers. Give them incentives to keep coming back with an easy & flexible rewards program.