Top Benefits of Food Pick-up Lockers for Water Parks


On a hot summer day, nothing beats jumping into a cold, refreshing pool. Actually, there is something better out there: a fun and relaxing day at the water park.

Spending hours exploring the different slides, rides, and amenities at a water park can be thrilling. However, once your stomach starts growling, it’s easy to get grumpy and impatient. And these emotions can quickly ruin what was an exciting day out.

As a water park owner, you can mitigate this by having food pick-up lockers in your park. Here are all the benefits you can get from using Truffle’s water park food lockers.

Shorter Wait Times

People go on outings to relax, so one of the most aggravating things to deal with is long lines, whether they’re for rides, attractions, or food.

One way to cut down on wait times is to have food pick-up lockers. These are attached to online ordering systems, so your customers can place their food orders while lounging around on a beach chair.

Then, they can continue basking in the sun or go enjoy your park’s attractions while their food’s being prepared. They’ll get to make the most out of their fun day out, with minimal time in lines.

More Convenience

We’ve already mentioned that your park’s visitors won’t have to wait in food lines, so that’s already a huge increase in convenience.

In addition, they won’t have to carry around their food while seeking out a good spot for dining. They can either find a seat first, or place an order beforehand.

Either way, they can send someone to the food locker to get the piping-hot dishes and return to the table promptly. This eliminates the hassle of walking around with a huge bag of food that’s slowly going cold.

More Customization Options

When customers can place their own orders, this gives them more customization options and control over the food they receive.

Not only can they choose specific menu items, but they can personalize the orders by selecting toppings, substitutions, and omissions that suit their dietary preferences. This gives your guests peace of mind that their meals will be tailored to their individual preferences, and that they can avoid triggering allergies.

An added benefit of this is that this decreases the occurrence of wrong orders. This can save you money and your staff time, as food won’t have to go into the trash, and they won’t have to remake orders.

More Flexibility

It’s a pain having to reserve a chunk of time dedicated to searching for a good food kiosk, standing in line, and eating your meal. This is especially true if you have limited time at the water park, and every minute counts.

If you provide your guests with food pick-up lockers, they’ll have significantly more flexibility. They can place their orders in advance and select a pick-up time that’s convenient for them. They can then plan their meals around their activities and preferences and make the most of their trip!

Safe and Secure Storage

During rush hour, it’s easy for food to get contaminated, either by the staff or other park visitors. Or the trays may get knocked over or squashed, which can damage or ruin the food quality.

Food lockers allow your staff to safely and securely store your customers’ orders in a controlled environment. Their meals will stay fresh until they’re ready to retrieve them.

Plus, there’s less direct contact between staff members and visitors. This will minimize the risk of infectious diseases, which can put a damper on everyone’s health. A safer dining experience is beneficial to your entire water park.

Better Queue Management

It’s inevitable that your water park will experience high volumes of guests. In turn, your food counters can get slammed with long lines, especially during peak hours.

Some people prefer to have in-person experiences and would rather pick up their food at the counters. To accommodate these customers, and to improve queue management, install a few water park lockers for food.

This will divert a decent portion of the crowd away from your food counters. Those who want to order “traditionally” will be able to do so without a long wait, and those who prefer efficiency can utilize the food lockers instead. All guests will have shorter waiting times as a result.

More Revenue

As we’ve mentioned earlier, having food pick-up lockers allows park visitors to place their own orders, which improves accuracy and reduces food waste. This already has a positive impact on your revenue.

Plus, shorter wait times mean two things: one, your staff can process more orders per hour, and two, customers will be more inclined to purchase meals. They’ll be even more motivated to buy food at your water park since they can determine exactly when they receive their orders and where too.

All these factors add up to a better guest experience. This means they’re more likely to return for repeat trips, and they’ll also recommend your water park to their family and friends.

Install Food Pick-up Lockers in Your Water Park

Food pick-up lockers may sound like something frivolous to have in your water park. But when you look at all their benefits, they go from a “nice to have” to a “must have”.

Giving your park visitors control over order pickup can significantly enhance their experience. Not only can they customize their meals, but they can choose when to receive them too. Plus, their food will stay safe and secure in the food locker, which will give them peace of mind as they play at your water park.

If you’re interested in what our smart food locker can do for you, then book a demo with us today.