5 Ways To Encourage Customers to Order Directly from Your Restaurant

5 Ways To Encourage Customers to Order Directly from Your Restaurant

The pandemic has highlighted the need for restaurants to offer a contactless experience. But, it seems the demand for curbside pickup and contactless delivery is here to stay. If you want your customers to order directly from your restaurant, you need to provide a seamless ordering experience.

Prepare for customers ordering directly online

Online ordering has major benefits for your team, your customers, and your bottom line. Enabling online ordering is a win-win-win for your restaurant. 

Your customers can order on their timeline. Tech-enabled restaurants (like those with Truffle POS) are set up to allow customers to make orders for a specific date/time in the future. And they can watch as their online order progresses and follow along as it’s delivered – making them feel like they’re part of the story.

Meanwhile, your staff have more time to attend to other work. AND you get more money in your pocket with increased order volume. (Find out more about setting up a delivery service for your restaurant here).

Prepare for customers ordering directly online

Use social media to advertise exclusive specials for direct orders

Social media offers an up-to-the-minute communication channel directly between your restaurant and your customers. You can harness the potential of social media by enticing your followers using special offers – prompting them to order directly from your site. 

Think free garlic bread for orders made around lunch time or creating menu items available exclusively to those who place direct orders. 

The major social media platforms have really stepped up in improving user experience for cafes and restaurants. Facebook, for instance, has a separate template ‘designed to highlight photos and important info about your menu, hours and location’ – and your special offers. 

Use social media to advertise exclusive specials for direct orders

Create a seamless ordering experience

In today’s highly competitive, highly connected world, nothing less than the best will do. Your customers want a seamless experience in your restaurant – from the moment they open your web page right through to when the food is at their lips. 

Becoming a tech-enabled restaurant is the easiest, most affordable path towards creating enhanced experiences. Restaurant-focused technologies deliver simple, beautiful online ordering, enhanced kitchen and staff management, and sophisticated communications that promote loyalty and satisfaction. 

Create a seamless ordering experience

Pass cost savings onto customers who order directly

Orders taken through 3rd party services divert profits away from your restaurant. Clever restaurant owners are driving profits by offering customers financial incentives to place direct orders. 

For example, your restaurant might receive $25 on a $40 order made through a 3rd party provider. You can easily create incentives for your customers where they pay, say, $37 for the $40 order that costs you $7 to deliver. They save, you earn, everyone wins.

Create a loyalty program

Finally, loyalty programs encourage customers to order directly from your restaurant time and time again. Garnering return business is much cheaper than attracting new customers, but restaurant owners seriously underutilize loyalty programs.

Loyal customers spend more money and make more recommendations to their friends. What’s more is that consumers are 75% more likely to make another purchase after receiving a loyalty incentive. (Find out more about loyalty programs in this Forbes article)

In our experience, restaurants with a well defined and executed loyalty program tend to see a 20% increase in revists and re-orders. And we should know, our advanced Restaurant POS allows you to reap the rewards of outstanding, highly personalized customer loyalty programs.

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