Contactless Ordering Systems

Contactless Ordering Systems: Everything You Need to Know

In today’s busy world, consumers are more demanding than ever before. This is especially true when it comes to their food. Thanks to social media, everyone is an expert on what is good and what is not.

Customers are much more critical of the establishments they visit and more in tune with their experience at your place of business. They want fast service and easy ordering with no waiting around.

So, how can you accommodate such a demand? By using contactless ordering! 

Restaurants need to be as efficient as possible. Streamlining processes reduces waiting times, human error, and cost.

Whether you own a small café, a chain, a food truck, or even a fast food restaurant, contactless ordering systems can help transform your business. It will increase efficiency so you can spend less time at the till and more time delivering stellar customer service. 

What Is Contactless Ordering?

A contactless ordering system is a hardware or software solution that allows customers to make orders and pay for the food they have selected without waiting in line at the register or handing over any cash. The ordering process is completely automated, so customers can get their drinks and food without interacting with staff members. This cuts out wasted time and speeds up service. 

The payment process is completely card-based, so you don’t need to invest in pricey cash registers or deal with the hassle of accepting cash or coins. You can process the payments through your existing card terminal, as you would with any other card payments. 

Contactless Ordering Systems

Why Use a Contactless Ordering System?

We are living in busy, face-paced times and today’s customers are more impatient than ever. They want their food fast, so waiting in line to place an order or pay can be a real source of frustration.

A contactless ordering system allows customers to place their orders and pay before they’ve even reached the front of the line. This means they don’t have to wait for service. This also frees up more time for staff members to help other customers.

Customers expect businesses to offer modern technologies and payment solutions that make their lives easier, like contactless payments. Plus, consumers trust businesses that accept contactless payments more.

Using a contactless ordering system can help you earn more customer trust, encourage repeat business, and boost sales. You can earn more about how the Truffle POS system works by clicking here!

How Does a Contactless Ordering System Work?

All you need to host a contactless menu ordering system is a device that lets customers select the items they want from your menu and pay with their card. You can use something as simple as an iPad mounted on a stand or tabletop device that customers can swipe their cards through to select their items and input their payment details.

Or, you can use a handheld device that works like a card terminal but has the bonus of being able to process contactless payments. This means customers can tap their card against the device and place their orders.

Benefits of a Contactless Food Ordering System

Tap-and-go payment systems are being touted as the way of the future, yet how reliable are they? Let’s break down their benefits below and find the answers. 

Secure Transactions and Reduced Fraud

A card or other device is never removed from the customer’s hand, so there is no opportunity for someone to copy the numbers. Also, the chip technology utilized in contactless payments is safer than those of conventional payment methods.

Customers find these two factors to be quite appealing. Another benefit of contactless payments for food establishments is the reduced risk due to PCI compliance in payment processing.

No Hidden Fees

Businesses that choose to accept contactless payment systems only pay the standard credit card fees. Contactless payment systems don’t have any extra fees for the merchant.

Consumer Demand

Most likely, your customers have inquired about contactless ordering so they can use their mobile wallets. Since consumers want to profit from enhanced security and the simplicity of tap-and-pay, the demand for these systems should only increase over time.

Loyalty and Referral Programs

You will not miss the chance to get to know your consumers by making brand ambassadors out of your loyal customers. You can give your customers a reason to return by offering a simple and adaptive referral and rewards program.


Certainly, the use of technology in the hospitality sector enhances the guest experience. However, it also collects crucial information and analytics that help to better understand user preferences.

As a result, restaurants may provide unique and individualized dining experiences. That means profits for you! Truffle users gain 35% more revenue on average with our restaurant online ordering system.

Contactless Pre-Orders

Contactless payment systems can also provide customers with an easy way to pre-order food ahead of time. This is especially useful if your business is busy and you expect wait times to be longer than usual. Set up a menu and allow customers to order whatever they want, whenever they want.

The ordering system will automatically save their orders, so when they arrive, their food is ready to go and there is no need to wait in line. This way, customers can order their food with ease, and not have to wait in line. They will not feel rushed, making the entire process more seamless and efficient.

What About the Age Gap Among Customers?

Millennials have been quick to accept contactless payments, while older generations are still hesitant to do so. Only 25% of persons over the age of 35 are thought to be using contactless payments.

But, as the benefits of security and anti-fraud become more recognized, the attitude of older customers will change. Despite the skepticism, contactless ordering is the way of the future. Your loyal customers will be open the change, no matter their age!

Contactless Ordering Systems

Is Your Restaurant Keeping Up With the Times?

Contactless ordering is a must for any business in the food service industry that wants to stay current and keep pace with consumer demand. Your establishment can also use online ordering and delivery management to raise your earnings and have broader appeal! We can help you get there.

Our clients’ experiences with Truffle POS include a 20% increase in online revenue MoM, 980 brand-new clients in the first month, and streamlined processes. Contact us or check out our Blog for more helpful information.