7 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Should Use Online Ordering

Over 11 million Americans use a food delivery service. In fact, online ordering is growing 300% faster than in-house dining. About 70% of consumers prefer to order directly from a restaurant than use a third-party service, though.

Creating your own online ordering system could make life easier for you and your patrons.

On the fence about using online ordering? Read on to discover the benefits of online ordering for your restaurant today!

1. Improve the User Experience

Hungry consumers are looking for fast, easy ways to engage with restaurants online and offline. If interacting with your restaurant becomes stressful, they won’t order. Improving their user experience can help benefit your business.

For starters, people will form a strong, positive impression of your restaurant.

They’ll remember their positive experience with your business, including:

  • The ease of finding you online
  • Exploring your menu
  • Completing an order
  • The check-out process

The entire process, from the moment they find your business to when they receive their order, should feel convenient and simple.

If it’s too complicated to place an order, they might never choose your restaurant in the future. In fact, 88% of people won’t return to a website after a bad user experience. Another 44% of people will tell friends about their bad experience with your restaurant, too.

If word gets around that you don’t prioritize your customers, your brand’s reputation could tank. A weak brand reputation will impact your ability to attract customers in the future.

You can use your online ordering system to simplify the entire ordering process. It’s easy to make changes to the menu and track your inventory in real-time, too.

Having your own, dedicated system will allow you to remain in control. Then, you can improve the user experience to leave a positive impression on every customer.

2. Meet Expectations

Remember, 11 million Americans are already ordering online. Off-premise dining became more popular after the pandemic. People look for contactless delivery and online ordering if they want to eat at home.

People now tend to gravitate toward restaurant options that use online ordering as a result.

If you’re not meeting customer expectations, they might take their business elsewhere. They’ll look for restaurants that already have an easy-to-use system in place.

Developing your own ordering system will allow you to meet and perhaps exceed customers expectations. Meeting their expectations will show patrons you care about their experiences and business. They’ll feel like valued customers, which could encourage them to come back for seconds in the future.

If you’re not meeting consumer expectations, however, you’re likely falling behind the competition instead.

3. Gather Data

Using an online ordering process can also help you gather valuable consumer data for your customer relationship management system (CRM).

Gathering data is essential if you want to develop effective, results-driven marketing campaigns. Otherwise, making assumptions about your customers could waste your time and money. Your marketing messages might not appeal to their needs or interests.

Instead, you can use this data to create personalized, targeting marketing campaigns. Focusing on your ideal customers will help you save time and money.

You can learn about their:

  • Spending habits
  • Purchase history
  • Food preferences

Eventually, you can use this data to make personalized recommendations. You’ll have an easier time upselling and providing unique customer experiences, too.

Tailoring experiences to the customer’s preferences can enhance their experience. Again, they’ll recognize you care about their needs and interests. You could start generating more brand loyalty, leading to repeat sales and a stronger ROI.

You might notice more regulars ordering from your restaurant once you tailor their experiences.

4. Improve Accuracy

Call-in orders can sometimes make it difficult for you to hear, understand, and manually enter an order. You could send the wrong request to your restaurant’s point of sale system as a result.

Restaurants are fast-paced environments. One mistake could cause a serious backlog. Meanwhile, you’ll have to deal with costs associated with:

  • Food waste
  • Order errors
  • Disappointed customers

An online ordering process will allow your guests to take control of their orders instead.

They can make notes about allergies, food sensitivities, and modifications based on their unique needs. As you start taking fewer calls, you can spend more time on the front and back of the house.

5. Stronger Online Presence

Offering an online ordering option can also improve your online presence. You can start appearing for more Google searches that include the term “take out.” When your restaurant appears for these searches, you can generate more brand awareness and website traffic.

You can also add your online ordering link to other platforms, including:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • TikTok
  • Yelp
  • Google My Business

Marketing your online ordering system can encourage more people to give your restaurant a try. Again, you’re improving their online user experience, too!

6. Save Time

Making life easier for your customers will also make life easier for your team.

Instead of spending time on the phone, you can focus on other tasks. Otherwise, exclusively taking call-in orders could lead to:

  • Accidental hang-ups/callbacks
  • Rushing, leading to errors
  • Inaccurate pickup times
  • Miscommunications

Each one of these problems could waste valuable time and energy.

Instead, you can optimize time and labor for your time by using online ordering. Minimizing phone orders could allow you to rely on fewer staff members. You can save money on labor costs to invest money into growing your business instead.

7. Boost Revenue

The above benefits of online ordering can help you boost orders and sales. You could notice an increase in revenue as a result.

Your customers won’t feel rushed to place an order. Instead, they can explore your menu and move at their own pace. They might add to their order, increasing your average order value and ROI.

Start Using an Online Ordering System for Your Restaurant Today

To recap, what are the benefits of online ordering? Offering an online ordering system can make your customers happier, which could lead to an increase in sales. You can boost your revenue to help your restaurant grow long-term as a result.

Consider adding an online order program to your business tools today!

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