7 Reasons to Invest in a Kitchen Display System

Experts are predicting significant increases in demand for kitchen display system installation around the globe in the upcoming years. As technology gets more advanced, so do the benefits of kitchen display systems.

Restaurants that have considered kitchen display systems in the past might be familiar with some of the benefits that they provide. However, most restaurant managers who have not used a modern kitchen display system are amazed at the different ways these systems can improve restaurant management.

So what is a kitchen display system, and how can it provide so many different advantages? Read on to learn all about the biggest benefits you can enjoy with a kitchen display system in your restaurant!

What Is a Kitchen Display System?

A kitchen display system consists of one or more monitors set up around your kitchen. These monitors will communicate with whatever system you have for taking orders. As each order is taken, the kitchen display system shows the order to the kitchen staff so that they can start preparing the food.

1. Speed up the Ordering Process

Anyone who has worked in a restaurant understands how fast everyone needs to act. Even adding a few seconds here and there can add up and lead to impatient customers.

With a kitchen display system, you can cut down on the time it takes for the kitchen staff to find out about an order. Staff members who take orders will no longer need to walk them back to the kitchen.

This also provides advantages for your staff who take orders. They can save themselves from constantly walking back and forth.

Instead, they can immediately proceed to take the next order. That is one more way that kitchen display systems can decrease ticket times.

2. Save Resources With Automated Ordering

You only need to invest in a kitchen display system one time. Once your system is installed, you can throw out your old paper systems. That means that you will enjoy lower expenses each year since you will no longer have to buy paper.

This is also a great way to cut down on your restaurant’s total consumption at the same time!

3. Keep Track of Every Ticket

Kitchen display systems can make it easier to prepare each order without mistakes. When a staff member takes an order, there is always the possibility that they will enter it into the system wrong, just like they could write the order down wrong.

However, as long as your staff manages this part of the ordering process right, the kitchen display system will deliver the correct information to your kitchen staff every time.

That decreases the chance that someone will make a mistake that causes someone’s order to be prepared incorrectly.

4. Track All Real-Time Order Changes

Mistakes are more common when people change their orders. However, kitchen display systems help solve this problem.

When a customer changes their order, the kitchen display system will update automatically. That means that the kitchen staff will always know right away when they need to change their plans.

5. Use the Same System for Online Ordering

More restaurant patrons are placing orders online. In recent years, many restaurants have set up an online ordering system on top of their standard in-person ordering.

However, a kitchen display system can allow you to use the same system for both types of orders.

6. Send Order Types to the Right Place in the Kitchen

Some kitchen display systems set up multiple monitors around the kitchen. For example, you might have one display system set up by your dessert preparation area and another for your entree area.

Kitchen display systems can categorize which food items belong in which category. Then, they can make sure to send the necessary order information only to whichever monitor needs it.

For example, the dessert orders will go to the dessert monitor while entree orders will go to the entree monitor. This way, kitchen staff can coordinate much faster. Instead of figuring out what each person needs to do, everyone can look at their own monitor and start getting to work right away!

7. Enhance Restaurant Management With Data

Your kitchen display system will also keep track of everything it does. That means you will have a single place where you can review all past customer orders. That can come in handy if there is a very disagreement with a customer or anyone else.

It can also help you understand more about how your restaurant is functioning. Large menus can sometimes make it difficult for restaurant managers to notice which items are worth keeping and which are not.

If it turns out that one of your monitors only receives a menu item order a few times a day, you might realize that there is not much demand for certain kinds of items on your menu.

As we move into the era of big data, we are finding more ways that restaurants can use their data to enhance their management processes. However, you can only enjoy these benefits if you collect your customer order data first!

Enjoy the Greatest Benefits of a Kitchen Display System

We hope learning about the advantages of installing a kitchen display system has been helpful to you. Although every situation is unique, practically every restaurant can benefit from a modern kitchen display system. Since these systems will only get better with time, it is often a question of when rather than if restaurants will adopt them.

To learn more about how you can enjoy the advantages of kitchen display systems for your restaurant, reach out and get in touch with us here at any time!