4 New Restaurant Technology Trends to Watch in 2023

A report showed that 80% of people said that restaurant technology helped the customer have better all-around dining. 

Efficiency is one way to ensure customers have the best experience possible. With a better ambiance, the customer feels more welcomed and are more relaxed when it comes to sitting at the table and enjoying their meal.

But do you know what the newest restaurant technology trends are in 2023? Let’s find out. Here, you learn what they are, their significance of them, and how they’re revolutionizing the restaurant industry.

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1) Online Brand Marketplaces

Due to a variety of successful online brands on delivery sites, you’ll see more restaurants going online in 2023. 70% of restaurants have decided to start their own virtual kitchen business.

Virtual businesses help when it comes to online deliveries and being able to reach a wider range of customers. This leads to more sales. In addition, it can help them try out new meals that they wouldn’t have done otherwise since they can expand their menu range that can reach those outside their normal radius.

Food can be prepared and kept at optimal at times off the normal opening hours. That way, those within their delivery radius can be kept happy and have their food delivered. This is one of the technologies in restaurants that’s been expanding over the years and will continue to in 2023.

It might seem simple at first. But a lot of research has to go into it. This includes checking out competitor prices for similar items. Also, looking at ways to integrate your own brand style to make it unique is important.

The time and money it takes is quite a fair amount. Delivery company charges must be taken into consideration also. But here, the benefits generally outweigh the costs.

2) Contactless Payment Systems

The use of contactless payments has been growing a lot over recent years. This is due to people staying at home more.

Ordering off mobile phones, QR codes, and payment apps have made it more convenient for both customers and restaurant owners. It assists with turnover and provides access to customer details that can be stored to make future orders easier to navigate. 

It also helps with building stronger connections between customers and restaurant owners. This is because the ordering system becomes easier and more deliveries can be made. This is another new technology in restaurants.

For customers, it makes payments more secure, improves order fulfillment, and a complete food ordering experience.

3) Online Offers and Discounts for Loyal Customers

With those eating in food establishments reducing orders due to the rising bill costs, restaurants have turned to digital loyalty programs. This helps keep business on track, reduces costs for customers, and helps retain a good customer base.

Retaining a customer turns out to be five times less expensive in the long run than gaining a new customer. There’s also a greater chance that they’ll expand their variety of food choices from the menu. This makes it a reasonable option to offer discounts for loyal customers.

These are different from the old way of offering coupons. Instead, you can use online ordering to market them. They also give the customer what they want in the way of contactless payment options.

Online offers for regular customers also enable customers to register online or through a mobile app. All that’s needed usually are some details such as your phone number, email address, and name and you’re ready to go.

Discounts get based on past orders. So oftentimes the more you order, the more offers you get. 

One of the great aspects of digital loyalty programs is that you can make them as simple or complicated as you wish. Restaurants that offer in-store offers, such as discounts and lower delivery costs, are common. Another way to do it is to offer a free starter, drink, or dessert with your main meal.

4) Online Ordering Software

Over recent times, restaurants have been starting to use online ordering systems and third-party restaurant services to help meet their targets. Next up is to look to upgrade their ordering systems to make their sales grow even further.

Online ordering software is helping make their orders simpler. It amalgamates ordering systems with POS from restaurants so that businesses’ plans come together.

Cutting-edge websites go beyond this. They also allow restaurant managers with menu management, stock upkeep, and finding out what your customer’s interests are when it comes to your food.

The software synchronizes with other systems easily, helping your restaurant business to succeed. This trend is setting this year in 2023.

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Restaurant technology is forever changing the world today. Here, we’ve given you four new trends to look for in 2023.

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