Full-Service Restaurants

Enhance Your Dine-In Experience

You have spent hundreds and thousands of dollars to design a restaurant that delivers the best dining experience for your guests. Shouldn’t your POS system help you enhance that experience?

The Truffle Restaurant POS System powers the most successful full-service restaurants, with features that help your servers turn more tables and keep your customers coming back.

Restaurants that trust us

Efficient Restaurant Management with Truffle

Table Layout

Build Custom Table Layouts

Edit your floorplan with ease.

Table Reservations

Manage Table Reservations Online & In store.

Bill Splitting and Transfers

Easily split bills by check or item. Transfer tables to tabs in seconds.

Payments & Tip Management

Integrated Pay @ Table

Close bills directly at the table, no need to manually close out bills.

Tip Management

Built your tip program your way. Create Shared Tip Pools that dynamically payout tips to staff.

Integrated Secure Payment Processing

Accept Credit Card Payments securely.

Menu Management

Breakfast , Lunch and Dinner

Schedule menu's by time of day

Wastage Management

Don't throw cash in the garbage, Keep track of wastage. and save on average 30% in food costs.

Menu Options

Create optional and mandatory modifiers.

Find Out How Truffle Systems Can Help Your Restaurant

Learn more about your business and show you how we can help you save time, and build amazing customer experiences.

Focus on service with a leading system designed for restaurants

Let Truffle automate your processes, so your staff can focus on delighting guests and keep them coming back.

Online Ordering

Branded Online Ordering and Mobile Ordering Apps. Designed to elevate your brand.​

Kitchen Order Display System

Reduce mistakes and get food to your guests faster. Improve order accuracy, communication and delight your guests

Inventory Management

Real-time inventory tracking, 86 Items on the fly, and never run out of stock during your peak times

Cloud Kitchens​

Centralize all online orders by brand, in one easy-to-use interface.

Online Table Reservations

Automate your table reservations, by allowing guests to pre-book a table online. Delight your guests by delivering an exceptional guest experience.​

Loyalty Programs

Don’t miss your opportunity to build a stronger bond with your regular customers. Give them incentives to keep coming back with an easy & flexible rewards program.